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So I made some music with Jeskola Buzz.

Have a listen:

Also, i really gotta start posting links to this blog in more places…

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Here’s some pictures I took yesterday

(Click for full size view)

My Cat

My Cat



More trees and a bird

More trees and a bird

Fish windchime (random, eh?)

Fish windchime (random, eh?)

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So yeah. The Space turkey took a vacation for a while, but now he is back on part time!(not like anybody actually reads this, but whatever.)

Here’s a few creatures I’ve made with the SPORE Creature Creator:

(To save any of them, just right click -> Save Image As on the image, then put it into your spore creatures folder.)

  1. The Spikebird
    I Was thinking of things to make, and the idea of having a creature with the most spikes on it the game would allow came to me, and thus, the Spikebird was born:
  2. Timmy
    Possibly my favorite creature I have made so far, is Timmy.
    He basically is a cross between a puppy and a vulture, but with massive sharp claws and eyestalks:
  3. Bubbles
    Bubbles was made before I bought the full version, so he doesn’t have all the full version parts on him:
  4. Veggisaur
    A walking plant, what more to say?
  5. The Stiltosaur
    A creature with very long legs to help evade predators:

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Nother movie

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Gmod stuff and a movie

Just been messing around in gmod the last couple of days waiting for the update:





Aaaaand i made this video when i was bored:

 HD Version:;8974937;/fileinfo.html

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